About Us

Buff Junkie is a brand all about positive attitude and commitment to self. It started as a conversation with friends while at Mammoth Mountain enjoying a weekend of boarding and skiing. After shedding some serious pounds, my friends noticed and we joked that I was going for a Buff Junkie look.  And Buff Junkie was born.

Buff Junkie is all in the attitude. Focusing on what you love, what makes you happy, what makes you a better you and committing hard to it. Addictions that enrich your life is what Buff Junkie is all about.

So get up and go when you think you don’t have time, try new things when you think you're too old or just not the fit, push yourself when you really can’t be bothered and just simply prioritize time for YOU. That's our aspirational goal.

Be Bold, Be Different, Be Unapologetic, Be YOU.

So when you are needing a boost to get going, know that you are part of the Buff Junkie community, and we are here grinding with you.

Welcome to Buff Junkie